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OK so I've got a Schecter Hellraiser(I thought it was an Avenger, but can't recall anymore) From approx 2009.

I'm replacing the Neck pickup, an EMG89 with a Seymour Duncan SH-8n.

The issue: The EMG89 has 7 pins that connect nicely to a 7pin connector. The Seymour Duncan SH-8n has 4 wires and a ground(5 total).

I was/am planning on having to do some soldering, but I didn't know I would encounter this mismatch. The wires are colored, and if I just match colors up then I'll have a yellow and an orange wire from my Pot. that won't be connected to the pickup.

I also have looked at the Pot. and can't quite see the layout of it. I also haven't been able to find a wiring diagram for the Pot. anyway, so I don't know what each wire is.

The 7 pin connector that goes to the emg89 are pinned as follows:
Red(battery + I think)
Dark Blue

The Seymour Duncan has(in no particular order)

I can include pictures if they will help/are needed.
alright so once the EMG is out this is your most useful sites
color codes (minus the 89)

and wiring diagrams

now with a passive pickup you're getting a 500k pot regardless, 25k would be too dark and muddy to do anything worth the pickup swap. So think of it like you're wiring one volume and one tone

with a volume pot remember though
left - hot lead - signal in , at 100% your pickups get all their sound
middle - wiper - controls the % of volume or tone
right - ground - signal out - at 0% all your sound goes away of course

with the EMG 89 I'll look it up but since the pot is changing too i wouldn't worry too much honestly.

but the black wire = bare
I'd honestly just disconnect the entire push pull and get a new say B500k if it's a tone knob and do say a 2 volume setup. But it's much easier to just swap both pickups. Any questions about a hybrid wiring of passive/active though let me know.

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Didn't expect to find such helpful information so fast.

So I went ahead and ordered a b500k pot. It'll hopefully arrive tomorrow.
I am still unclear on the how the wiring will be. I understand the wiring of the new pickup is:
White and red are soldered together
Green and Bare are soldered together-ground

And the pot pinout will be (left to right)
hot, control, ground

I'm not quite sure how That's connected to the rest of the wiring in my guitar.

Not sure if it matters, but it's not the tone knob, it's the volume.

And seymour duncan is apparently overhauling the part of their website that housed the diagrams.
yeah i actually suggested they add the generator to their website months ago, i'm surprised they did it. It's really slow though. I was tempted to draw something out on pen and paper or photoshop a diagram or two today.

it's pretty easy to attach a tone to this, this I made for another forum member on here today.. thought it was the same person asking too , the cool thing is this one coil splits but take any 2 volume 1 tone wiring if you got 3 pots and you can keep your tone control. Preferably a 500k tone pot is superior as you got way more control. It's a further distance from 500k to 0k than 0k to 25k.

0.033uf to 0.1uf for the tone capacitor I'd put. 0.022uf or 0.01uf is the bare minimum. Usually actives tended to use 0.047uf recently but originally it was 0.1uf on a lot of EMG and so forth. The difference being that the closer the number is to the decimal the larger the capacitance (more treble it holds) so putting a 0.1uf beside a 0.001uf you see a massive difference in size.

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OK so I'm actually doing the work now, and I've noticed that where you have the middle terminal for the Tone being Hot, In my guitar the mid Tone is grounded with a capacitor.
good point , I did that diagram in a rush. This should fix the issue. Try to fuse the two diagrams together

mostly you're just using a stereo jack instead of mono (mono is 2 contact / passive)
and soldering the red wires together and to the ring of the stereo jack

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OK so I've got a Schecter Hellraiser(I thought it was an Avenger, but can't recall anymore) From approx 2009.

It could be both. "Hellraiser" refers to a guitar line that Schecter produces, which is defined by shared specs between models (the pickups, inlays, neck shape, quilt top if it's a trans finish), but which has been made in several different body shapes over the years. "Avenger" is one of their body shapes, which has been offered in many different lines over the years, including the Hellraiser line. So, it could be a Hellraiser Avenger. The 89r neck pickup is pretty solid indicator that it's a Hellraiser. So if it's the Avenger body shape (the infamous Avenged Sevenfold/Synyster Gates guitar, which was actually NOT named after that band, and has been in production since before the band even existed) then it's a Hellraiser Avenger. Either way, sweet guitar. I really love the Avenger shape, and I love my Hellraisers, although neither are Avengers.
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Got everything soldered and reinstalled and I have no volume control. I have volume, at what is probably 100%, but no control. Tone and switch appear to be operational.

Since discovery I hadn't had time to really get in the guitar again, so wondering if you had any suggestions. I'm wondering if it's a wiring issue with the switch.

Edit: the existing seven pin active pickup/ push pull tone aren't helping. I am going to look into the possibility of replacing the push /pull with another b500k. That would clean up the wiring immensely.
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to have volume controls pretty easy to fix, see on the seymour duncan diagram i originally modified how the right contacts on the pots are soldered to the base? yeah without that you have nowhere for the signal to go. So that would be the first place I'd look.

the only thing the switches do thankfully is switch pickups. Having the abillity to select between the pickups shows it works properly so you should be fine there.