Hey dudes wow sounds really great. Great vocals and great performance.

I would've loved to hear more guitar etc., it sounds a lot like the original which is high praise, but also would love to hear your own rendition on it.

Funky guitar around 2:00 is an awesome twist on it. Exactly what I was referring to above. Oh nice now around 2:30 you guys are really rocking it out. I take back what I said, you all nailed it.

You know what I like this better than the original song. Original kinda annoyed me with cheesy production, fresh rock n roll take on this makes it for me. Very very awesome guys. Wish you great success.
Oh thank you so much shortyafter!
Glad you like it! We tried to "rock it up' a little bit but keep the original feeling!

We also wish you great success in whatever you do!