My Girlfriend is putting a guitar together for me, she has an MH100 body. We're not sure what neck we could purchase that would fit without any cutting or sanding, from what we've read LTD don't supply necks separately, any ideas?
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I'm no expert on this but I do have some knowledge having done neck replacements for my guitars in the past.

First off, stay away from Ibanez necks for that body. They're amazing necks in my opinion, but unfortunately a lot of them have an AANJ style Ibanez proprietary neck heel, which won't fit your ESP body. I made that mistake once.

That ESP needs a 25 1/2 scale 24 fret neck. Companies such as Warmoth most likely make something that will fit or you can search on somewhere like eBay.

As long as you go for something 25 1/2 scale with 24 frets and a normal neck heel you should be okay. I would advise making sure to measure your neck pocket and compare before buying anything though!

And as a final note, no matter what neck you buy you're probably going to have to do a little sanding, drill new screw holes or something similar in order to make it fit nicely with the body.

Good luck with your build
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