New member from Oregon. This is only the second forum I.'ve ever joined so I'm pretty stupid with all this computer stuff. The other forum I.'ve been involved with is arrowheadology. The main reason I joined this forum is to find out more about a guitar that Seymour Duncan gave me about 20 years ago. It was Phil Kubiki's personal traveling guitar. It's signed but not numbered. I was curious about how much it might be worth. It's in excellent condition. I play acoustics but haven't played the Kubiki for fear of damaging a collector's piece that may be worth something. There are a lot of players on my other site. Hoping some of them might also be here. My user name there is fogman. Thanks for any feedback.
Collectible guitars are tough to evaluate. Big names attract big prices, but sometimes quality trumps name. And sometimes, sellers go crazy and overestimate the value of what they're selling.

I know there is a Kubicki mini-Arrow on sale on Reverb for @$500, but it isn't autographed.

I'd imagine that a similar guitar- if you can prove the provenance (ownership)- would go for at least double. More if you found a Kubicki enthusiast.

As for other models, I'm clueless.

Best bets: check the collectibles market for Kubicki memoribilia, but also with dealers in guitar resale.
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