I've been doing the usual metronome practice stuff..both on a clean channel as well as distorted channel. I know it takes time to improve and I don't expect to nail it over a short period of time. could I get some pointers/tips on how I can improve on it?


inb4 you suck at guitar
Best advice is the most usual advice. Practice. I hate hearing it too but it's probably the only advice that you can give anyone and have it work. Here is a tab i used to get it down myself.


And with string skipping you don't need to use a metronome necessarily. Take it as slow (or as fast) as you feel comfortable with.
Simply saying "practice" is not enough information (to above poster). The OP wants to improve and he knows he needs to practice. So shallow and hollow replies like "practice more" just won't suffice.

First find a song or solo you like that has string skipping (bands like Necrophagist or Symphony X are 2 good examples of lots of string skipping techniques). Playing boring exercises will only make it tedious and you will lose focus. Practice should be fun not tedious boring work.

It takes time for your brain to develop those neural pathways for your fingers, and that is why people say "practice slow." If you keep playing precise and as perfect as possible, then the speed will naturally develop (I'm sure you've heard that many times as well too but it's true).

I usually try to concentrate on my picking hand when I am practicing a lick. Do I start the first note on an up or down stroke? Which will transition better when I go to the next string? You must think about these things because that is how you will develop your technique. If you keep playing something differently you won't get far because it will muddle up your brain and focus. That is why it is important to concentrate on your practice.

Warming up to a lick is also a great way to practice. You have to warm up anyway right? So might as well start off very slow on the lick you want to get down.

Sometimes I will try to play faster than I am capable to see where the fault lies, and it is usually with the picking hand. Realize what you must work on and then slow it down.

I promise you that you will get better but it may take several months to notice a big improvement.

I always keep what Steve Vai said in mind.... "I know I will get better, so I keep on playing."

It's true.