hi guys/gals

this may make me sound like a total n00b but I would very much appreciate it if anyone could help me out here.

the thing is I have a 2 point floating trem system set up on my Epiphone Special ii GT (mahogany body) but I want to block off the trem so that it goes only one way. I want to do this because of tuning instability issues; moreover, the screws that attach the trem to the body damaged the body of the guitar at the point of contact. (this happened during transit, you guys must be aware of how airport personnel throw your luggage around)

what do I do to fix this? anything specific I need to use in order to seal the cavity?

thanks in advance
To seal the cavity you need to reroute the thing and fill everything with wood, it's a dangerous process if you are not somewhat experienced in wood work, especially on guitar.

As for blocking the tremolo it is easy, do this:

Also, pictures of your current situation could be helpful.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
take photos of the damage and we'll see if it's repairable. You'd be surprised what a bit of dollar store wood glue can do.

I'd rather sell a guitar than block the tremolo but this is insightful, you can use many materials, picks to american pennies (whispers loudly 1% MORE SUSTAIN) but this is insightful.