Hi guys.

I'm in need of a little help here. A friend of mine has asked me to help him sell an Ibanez Prestige guitars. However, he has no clue what the model is, so attracting people with the adverts is a nightmare. With most companies it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

"What's that? It's a Jackson in a superstrat shape, with a through-neck? Oh, that's a Soloist."

However, this is an Ibanez, so it's probably called an EXG134554523INF Ultra, or something similarly obscure. So, I'm hoping that one of you will know.

The guitar is a big, heavy thing with a through neck, fixed Tune-o-matic style bridge, EMGs and a curious leatherette finish. Nice guitar, but weighs a fricking ton, so I'm assuming it's most likely all mahogany.

Pics below. Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated.

I am not certain it is a prestige. I believe that prestiges were/are made in Japan. Also, if I recall correctly "Prestige" is normally on the headstock around the Ibanez. This just has a truss rod cover for it. It looks like an Ibby SZ. Not too sure about the leather on the guitar, that could just be something that was added to the guitar much like the truss rod cover and pickups.
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You were both correct!

It appears to be an Ibanez SZ prestige from 2007.


As far as how much it's worth....I have literally no idea. On ebay there's a SZ2020S for 600, which I'm guessing is around what yours is worth. I dunno. A lot of people won't like that it's korean made, so I'd temper your expectations for getting Prestige money for it.
Brilliant stuff. Thanks for your help, guys. You definitely pointed me in the right direction.

It's actually the SZ20066, which is the direct forerunner to the one that you mentioned, tfizzle20. Basically it's exactly the same as SZ2020EX, only with the biker black leather textured finish.

I've run the news past my friend and he's cool with the likely reduced price, as he only paid £450 for it anyway. So, all is well.

Thanks again for the help.
Yeah there were a few Ses and SZs which were Korean-made but still Prestige- there was a big kick-up about it among Ibanez fans, eventually Ibanez capitulated to popular sentiment (I think the straw which broke the camel's back was that they mooted even moving the Prestige RGs to Korea, and Ibanez fans who previously had shrugged and said, "Well, ideally I'd prefer them all to be MIJ, but I'm only interested in the RGs anyway so no skin off my nose" sat up and took notice ) and moved all Prestiges back to Japan.

I'm not familiar with that particular model, but yeah being MIK and Prestige, at least if it's an S or SZ model, doesn't automatically mean it's fake etc..
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Yeah, if the Chinese have managed to fake this one, they've done an amazing job. It has a kind of leatherette finish on it and weighs an absolute ton. I've played an unchambered Les Paul since 1994 and even I was shocked when my mate handed me this one to try out!