I compose music in melodic death metal style. I' be got an ideas (scenarios) for songs.Need some help in lyric writing!!!!! Thanx
not even close to my style ANYMORE but here is something I wrote many years ago that you can have if you want.


(starts slow)
Close your eyes - take your last breath
Evil in life - evil in death
Sacrifice you knew would be your fate
Now here you stand at the fiery gate

I see your soul - it shivers in fear
But I can sense your pride
And so for you - the gate is open
Now finally - you can step insiiiiiiiiide

(turns heavy)
Look round - you're in my world now
This is the hell you've been praying for
Now jump in the fire - You've taken a vow
It's time to burn for evermore

Hear the endless screams of madness
In the fire there is faces you see
Come walk with me through the flames my child
You were born of a demon-seed

Born of a demon-seed
Your will was not your own
Born of a demon-seed
And you were not alone
You were one of a chosen few
To do the devil's deeds
One of a chosen few
Born of a demon-seed