I've used a Pod HD since 2011, and until now, it's done everything I needed. Offboard guitar effects, mic recording, and, when I started making EDM, just chilling out and acting as a sound card to make everything run smoother. But I'm considering getting a Scarlett 2i4 to run alongside it, just for the sake of having more ports. I'm working on DJing, and since I don't have a CDJ, it would be nice to have both headphone and speaker outputs, so I can use the headphone outputs to monitor things and cue up tracks more reliably. (I'm using Deckadance, with a Launchpad set up as a DJ controller.)

Is there anything else I should know? I mean, that's $200 for something I only kind of want, for something I only kind of might do (DJing). And I like being able to just pick up my guitar, put on my headphones, and jam, instead of having to open FL Studio and load up the simulation VSTs.
I have a 2i4 and can recommend it, it's a very nice interface and does have good output options. I have personally had no noticeable latency using it with a pretty average Windows 7 PC and Reaper as my DAW. Furthermore, it has a pad button which is useful for recording guitar as it lowers the input level to reduce clipping that's common when recording DI electric guitar tracks. It's also a very well built piece of kit (nice solid metal casing). Good value for the money in my opinion.
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