Hey all,

Here's a new track called 'Zen Sickness' - don't worry it's not a prog epic; it's quite short but nevertheless enjoy(?)


I'm up for a little C4C so if you have a new track or even something old you'd like to share, send it this way and I'll check it out. All ears.

Don't know why you haven't got more replies. This is a pretty solid composition imo. The verse and chorus are very distinct and memorable while the contrast of intensity and serenity really improves the song. Right now I think that what this needs is a drum part throughout and some vocals to bring it to life.
Hey man, appreciate the feedback on my track, here's the crit back!:

Cool lead section to start the track off, interesting groove on this part as well! The transitions between the clean parts are a little sketchy - could maybe do with some sort of swell into them so they don't seem too drastic? Either way both sections as they stand are cool as they both play on the same riff but in different ways. When it changes around 1:25 on the clean section it sounds a lot more pleasant productionwise too.

Introduction of the piano later on is a welcome one, just need to get a nicer sound synth/sample for it to make it blend a bit better but it adds to the guitar well. 3:55 onwards sound awesome even it if it's the outro - you should try making some ambient/drone music as the dreamy pads sound great.

Overall the track works well compositionally, just tighten up some of the production elements to it and the track will sound even better. Good work bud!
Thanks for the feedback Serotonite and salamander121.

Serotonite - now that you mentioned it, I guess some vocals could fit in at some parts in the track. Have got someone willing to do some vocals as well. I might just leave vocals for another time though, this track is finished as it is.

salamander121 - Yeh funny you should mention some ambient/drone music as I had in mind to try and do some Carnatic guitar playing over a snyth pad and/or sitar drone for my next piece. Was thinking of doing some lead indian style guitar playing at the end of this track as well but I just left it as it was.

Thanks for listening guys.

For me, some of the transitions between sections were too abrupt, like the one at 0:17 and 0:34. These changes from one part to another are vital in creating one cohesive track. I know I've had trouble with it in the past too.

I liked when the track picked up at 1:58 and again at 3:20. You should make more of the song sound like this! It sounded nice and full with the strings/synths going. Everything seems to be EQ'd very well, especially the lead guitar (really clean playing btw). However, the drums were way too quiet, especially the kick. If you were to raise the level, I think it would improve your mix a lot. The bass seems to be perfect how it is now.

Cool song overall, keep it up!

This is a great piece of music, m'friend! Some parts remind me of something that Type O Negative would write (just y'know, without their distinct guitar sound, hah), great stuff. The solo is perfect, I can only wish to play lead like that, haha. Very well put together from beginning to end! Really enjoyed this!

Mine is way different, but take a look XD :
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Hey dude,

This is a pretty sweet track, the lead lines are all very tasteful and sound great. I notice some subtle time signature changes in this song, makes for interestful phrasings, 1:45 almost reminds me of Nirvana even. Then the lead tone comes in very reminiscent of Petruci. I love the piano line after. The next lead part continues on for a while and I wish there was a little more variety in this section. I also wish there was a more audible bass. The last 30 seconds remind me of Satrianis Lords of Karma, sounds like the same chord is used. Very nice job on this piece!

Nice song. I like it, it has it's own atmosphere and the mix is solid, I think the bass could use a bit more low end but that's up to your own preference. I really dig the proggyness at 2:30, and the whole song has an overall good flow. I think the synths at 3:20 should be about 1db quieter. Do you use plugins on your mix buss?
Hey Painkiller94, thanks for listening.

Yeh, I use iZotope Ozone (mastering plugin) in FL Studio after I have a mixdown to load into an audio tab.

The feedback on the sound production is appreciated as I'm still learning about it as I go along.
Hey dude,

The track is quite 80s, got that classic, old school metal vibe going on for it. The main idea is repeated through the track, which sounds good cuz its material that I am familiar with and ties the track together. The solo bit is cool, though it kinda has me wanting for it to go a bit crazier. The track is cool, but it sounds a little bit held back. It needs a bit more energy for me to sit back and have my mind blown. Have some more things going on in the background or maybe make the track have some variation in tempo? Also modulating to the minor key might be cool. But yeah, nice track, its pleasant, but I would say find a way to bring more energy into it to really knock people back into their chairs.

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