I composed this song 3 years ago on guitar pro and I want to record it now but I dont have how at moment.

It's an exported sound from .gp5
Check it out and tell me what you think, please. ( and forget drums xD)


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I really like it. The timbre, especially in the beginning with all the bass, feels quite psychedelic and dreamlike. I also really like the chord sequence in the beginning too. Around the 20 - 30 second mark I heard a hint of Johnny Marr in the strumming pattern, don't know if that was deliberate but it worked well I think.

Have you composed anything since? I'd like to hear more, I like the tone of this.
not bad at all, ever think of sticking a lyric or two on it, maybe get a singer on board...

go for it...
Thank you guys for listening! :P

And yes, I have more songs now, this was the first one I get finished (instrumentally). I will show you more soon.

Johnny Marr is not part of my influences, but I like to add many lines of guitar to my songs.. Maybe I need to hear more of his songs for inspiration.

Lyrics: I don't like to writte lyrics.. My singed words never sound well..
nice song, i'm a fan of the progression. the bass really does it's job well here. i would love to hear you record this however you need to. if this was your skill three years ago at composing, i can only imagine the art you can come up with now. make friends with someone who has a mac lol