I'm looking to buy a looper pedal but don't want to have to spend much. It's just for playing around with, and I'll only need to loop my guitar so mic capability isn't really necessary. I've been looking at the Boss RC-3 and the Vox Lil' looper and can't decide between the two. I don't know a whole lot about pedals, so any guidance would be great. They both seem to have good features, but also lacking others. Would either be a good option, or is one significantly better?

There is a very current thread about this, in this section, which may be worth you looking at.
this is an area you might want to spend some money. The boss RC-3 is amazing.
I agree. The difference in the price of a simple mono looper and the stereo RC3 (with optional external switching, rhythm control, aux in, multiple stored recording slots and all the additional functionality that brings) is relatively small.

I bought the bogo Ditto not long after it came out and it has been brilliant. But I am starting to crave the added features of the RC3 now but can't really justify getting one as I already have the Ditto.
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If you just want a simple looper, but could use a delay too, check out the TC Flashback.
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Ditto or Ditto X2.

Simple and easy to use. I love my Ditto X2
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I have the Boss RC-1. It costed about $100 on musiciansfriend. Not a lot of features, but that's why I chose it: you can layer as many tracks as you like. Recommend.