I have a custom Agile Interceptor 7 string coming to me in a month or so, and I ordered it with the basic passive pickups that they offer. Two humbuckers, neck and bridge.

let me tell you what i want. I want really jazzy clean tones from the neck pu, as well as in the neck/bridge position. but with distortion I want both of them to sound good with a pretty high amount of distortion, especially the bridge pickup.

im trying to make music kind of like Dillinger escape plan, if they were influenced by more core music instead of punk and thrash. i want it to be heavy but clear and defined. i know a lot depends on the amp but my PRS 7 sounds pretty damn good through the amp i have so id like to have a somewhat similar sound as that can give me, but maybe slightly higher output from the bridge. and hate me all you want but its a blackstar ht60

but anyway, help me out here. im gonna have a pro install them so i dont screw it up. i dont have the guitar yet, like i said, but i want to get the pickups in advance so i can get them installed asap
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I'd say stick with the stock pickups for now and see how you like them. The Cepheus pickups are supposed to be extremely similar to Lundgren M7s by design.
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^^ Yeah. Why try to get new pickups for a guitar you haven't even played yet?
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What you want is absolutely the SD Pegasus 7. Without a doubt. In the bridge, at least. The neck, you'd have to do a little digging, though the Pegasus was meant to be paired with the Sentient neck.

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I can't speak for the pickups on an Agile 7 string but the stock pickups on my Agile 6 string are very nice (especially the neck pup).
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Well if you want jazzy cleans but also good distortion you can't really go wrong with a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set (pretty sure there's a 7 string version of each now), they're very versatile. But as others have said, give the guitar a try before you decide to change anything

If you do decide to change pickups, this video may be helpful to you as it compares the distortion sound lots of different Seymour Duncan pickups. I'm sure you can find other comparisons to show you what pickups from other brands sound like

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I also suggest you wait until you actually hear the pickups in your guitar but at this point I'll throw out the Seymour Duncan Distortion 7-string version (much prefer this over the JB) and the Jazz.

You know your guitar may sound awesome or too dark or too bright and greatly affect what you're looking for. You're trying to buy tires before you even get the car. . .
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Before you go switching out anything on a guitar, play it a bit, and decide what you don't like about it. Having said that, the sounds you describe can be had with the Pegasus (b) and Sentient (n)- substitute the Nazgul for the Pegasus if you want even more output, thicker, heavier sound.
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