Hey y'all,

I was wondering if one of you could help me identifying a guitar. The brand is most likely Epiphone, but I don't know what model it is. It could be an Elitist J-45, but it might also be something else.

You can see the guitar which I'm talking about at 1:45:32 in the video below:


Thank you in advance!
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These may be pictures of the very same guitar, but from a different angle. Anyone who has any idea now? I have searched the epi wiki for days, but still not one clue.

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I believe you are right, looks like the Texan to me!
I do notice his pick guard does NOT have the Epi "E" stamped but he could have swapped it out.
At spots it looks like two different slopes, one mahogany, one maple. I suppose it could be the lighting.

Although, the "IB '64 Texan" Epiphone is campaigning with now, is mahogany B & S, that guitar certainly isn't. Looks like maple to me.
Looks like the AJ i have...pure shape, i.e....i have the "Basic" AJ-100 in vintage sunburst...this one one Looks more like a solid top as on AJ 200 or the Masterbuilt