Hey guys that have been a while i was searching for a good guitar vst can you suggest me some software plz thx
Tone is a very personal thing so there's no best or Worst one

For me amplitube is cool not only it's free the base package but you can try before you buy a amps speaker fx etc the Jimmy Hendrix and slash tone are really good ( good for fun it's not that you really want or should to sound like Jimmy or slash.)

you don;t need hundred of amps to get you tone you only need one really,. so if you really know what you like you could find a single amp in amplitube and it only cost you $25 or so.

I have most of the amp sim plugins out there and I have to say I like the all for different reason clean some do well Heavy other are more suited to ,. you really have to try I'm pretty sure most have demos'

here my Basic opinions on what i have

Amplitube I love the Fender MH-500 Metalhead and the Vai model amp in there
GTR3 good blues clean tones
Overloud nice mix Heavy and clean
Amp farm Nice clean, nice marshall
Peavey Revalver very nice 5150 and good peavy tones
Scuffham Amps S-Gear metal tones very good
Guitar rig 5 with RAMMFIRE really does a good mesa boogie tone
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Yeah, pretty subjective.

You may wanna look at the amp sims sticky in this section.

I particularly like LePou's stuff, ignite amps' emissary, softube's amp rooms and bx_rockrax.
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LePou is gr8.

If you have the money, Bias is a big thing now, sounds probably the best that amp sims are going to sound barring outboard units.

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Amplitube have release Mesa sims just a few weeks ago, so might want to look at that as well.
They now have "a-la-carte" purchasing so you can only buy what you need, run the trial and download the high gain amp sims, Mesa, Engl, Orange, Marshall.

I also like the Ampire (Studio One) - you can load your own cabinet responses and tailor their amps to suit your need.

You can also start the traditional way, like say type of Slayer sounds, with a JCM800 emulation and stick some kind of overdrive sim in front.
LePou sounds great, but man that new Bias FX is legit. It takes some tweaking in your DAW, and there are some known bugs and kinks they are working on, but the sound is lush and organic for a VST. It has fractal like response, again, it just needs some tweaking and ajustments.