Recently I realized that my picking hand gets tense when I speed up, especially around the wrist and the shoulder. Now I am re-learning everything slowly. The problem is now my hand sometimes feel lazy and weak. Should I practice slower? Is this normal when you go back and relearn everything?
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It's not weak if the note sounds audibly, it just means you're developing control. I had to do the same thing to fix my picking hand. Once you master playing very slowly and softly (but with perfect technique), you can start to work on right hand strength to give your pickstrokes more power. Being able to play quickly and softly is more important to develop first because you learn better control, then you try to develop right hand strength to really dig in and have hard notes.

However, do not let your hand be so relaxed that your pick is barely being gripped and your pick strokes have no power. Find a balance that feels relaxed but sturdy.
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What I found is that sweep picking practiced correctly helps relax your picking hand and becomes the basis for alternate picking as well. It's where I find the really projected, what I'd call "authentic", notes come from when you have a relaxed arm.

Do a sweep across all 6 strings. On the down stroke, like 90% of the pressure is on the thumb, 10% on index finger. It's almost just the force of gravity takes your arm assisted by a small push on your part with the wrist through the thumb. It feels more like picking INTO the guitar than away from the guitar. The string should snap as you pick right through it. That is your power note and it should sound loud and projected with minimal effort. Start from there. Lighter notes are mostly just the same stroke with less pressure. You should feel like the force of your thumb against the string is what is holding the pick in your hand, NOT so much squeezing the pick with thumb and index. You may feel like your wrist is being rotated back by the force of the string pushing back. Control that rotation as a sort of shock absorber. It should almost feel like you're pushing a button with your thumb, rather than plucking up and away.

The up stroke tends to be a little more difficult but just reverse the pressure to 90% index finger and 10% thumb.

Now these are just words trying to describe inner feelings, so it's inexact at best without actually seeing it be done in some detail. But it's the best way I can think to describe it at the moment. And it's not necessarily you'll always be picking like that, but if you can control that well and it becomes kind of your "picking center", good things will likely follow.
i had the same problem, then i started to practice erverything slow and speed up each run. it´s boring but i had no pain ever since. well if i had to play 300BPM with 32 notes i whoul have ;-)
Thank you, guys. Very comforting words and solid advice. I'm still open for more, but I have many thanks for you all.
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