It seems that using vst pluggins are cheaper than sending a hundred dollars for one effect pedal. What are good ways to get started and some good vst plugins i should keep an eye out for?

Also, would it be possible to plug into a computer and still have a floor pedal such as volume or pitch shifter?

Thanks and sorry for the choppy thread I'm on break at work and my phone is not the best at forum posting.
Why bother involving a computer?
A hundred bucks will buy you a Korg Pandora Mini or a used PX5D.
Add another $25-50 and you'll have enough to find a good Pod XT Live (foot pedal version) that includes all the goodies.
You should go into the recording section and read the stickies.
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Look up Amplitube, they have controllers for their sims. I still think you can come out cheaper buying a standalone guitar fx processor, some great used deals on some of the older models like Boss GT-10, Vox Valvetronix, POD HD series. For about $300 you'd come out better than with amp sims.
I want make ambient music with a lot of stacking delays and using various effects and thought it might be cheaper to use digital rather than spend lots of cash on one pedal that will eventually wear out.
Amplitube and Guitar Rig are super useful (and fun) to experiment with, however I would only recommend them for the experimentation as they are not that good for recording (professionally at least).

You can get the RigKontrol or the other foot controllers, however the main issue I've found is the overall sound quality of the programs. What worked for me was finding out which real pedal/effect inspired the VST setting, save up some money and get the real thing once I know it is something I like and would use for recording.
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They're ok for reamping/recording but the latency bugs me, even as low as 10ms or under is noticeable for me.

Good for learning which pedals/amps/cabs to eventually buy.

The only software with 0 latency so far is line 6 products, but only because I am using the toneport and it seems to be highly optimized for line 6 software (0 latency). Even with asio4all v2, there's always some noticeable latency with other software (amplitube/guitarrig/revalver/bias)

Bias has the worst latency I think.
yeah lepou through revalver is probably the best option, but amplitube is fun to play around with. the orange and engl sims on that are sweet.
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