The new Ibanez GFR20GSP. Its like a modern tele with humbuckers. Part of the Gio series.
Ibanez says that its going to be a limited edition.
It actually kinda reminds me of the Cort MBC-1.
Im kinda interested in it and it sells for like €199. Isnt that a bargain?!?

What do you guys think about this guitar?
I would like to hear the thoughts of UG about this one.
Personally I wouldn't touch a GIO if it was free. But it's your money. If you like it. Buy it. Resale value when you hate it will be zero. Be warned.
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Yeah, GIO is the lowest Ibanez line of guitars. I actually had one of them for my first guitar, and i thought it was nice at the time. Sold it after a year, and i just got a chance to play about 3 other gio's a few weeks ago. They were all horrible. So yeah, unless you try it and really like it, i wouldnt recomend it.
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If you want a HH singlecut guitar, I'd suggest looking for a used Godin LG Humbucker (discontinued) or a used G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe. MUCH better guitar in terms of quality.

Or- what was it? The Blacktop series from Fender/Squier?
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I'd always steer clear of the lowest priced series from any manufacturer. You should know whether you plan on playing guitar for a couple months or the rest of your life.

Save a little more, or buy used, and go up to the mid-ranged stuff. You appreciate the instrument more and you get rid of all the excuses of why you can't play well (my guitar sucks, etc).

The Ibanez mid ranges are good. Like the above poster said, the Godin's are good at any level. Going to be a challenge to find a tele shape if that's what you want. Why not just go for a Mexican Tele? Used for around 300-400.
fender has a tele that they put out around 2003 or so that was like the current FMT, but they didn't go over well and are dirt cheap. i would look into one of them.

just a shot.
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It actually kinda reminds me of the Cort MBC-1.

It’s probably designed and manufactured by Cort. Anyway, buying a Gio new is a waste of money. Gios are fun if you can find a good one used for under $50. But at £200 a Gio is a ripoff.
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Shitty guitar aside, I do like how it looks though.

I know right??? It like a modern tele shape.

And I think that you guys are right, base-models are pretty shitty. But the thing is, I really like the FR series from ibanez. Its such a shame that most of those models arent made anymore. It was just kinda nice to see that ibanez tried to give the FR models some new life with this particular model.

So... What are youre thoughts on the FR-series from Ibanez? like this model here.