Hey guys

Been a while but i finally finished this song that ive been working on wich feels like ages got stuck on it for a long time but im finally happy with it so here it is.

lemme know what u think

heres the link for the mp3 for people who dont use GPX

Wolfpack Rising

Wolfpack Rising.zip
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Damn. That was awesome! I'd love to hear it recorded. It's got a great power metal vibe. I liked the acoustic intro, and I kinda wanted it to last longer. But I have nothing really negative to say about it. Well done!
Hey first of all sorry a bit late reply. Not many people active here and I didn't check my own thread.

I gave this a couple listens not sure what to expect
I think the outro doesn't work so well, I like dissonance and off key stuff but particularly the strike on bar 139; In my opinion that's a bit too off - and that the bass may try something else than low E, that said I think the idea is good.
Bass lines are put a lot of work into and are interesting. It is hard to read the tab sometimes. Break and Solo 1. Doesn't matter so much but we like to see how the riff/section is made without having to line break. Solo 2 is my favorite part of the song, particularly second half, melody is cool. Well done. Overall I think the composition style is maybe making the sound a bit dirtier than it needs to be. There's some good rocking riffs in here. Best of luck in future projects