there's like a billion super villains and atually normal villains like dictators and

only the best ones have their own secret hideout. Through this thread I hope to be able to compile a list of living, realistic villains and if possible their secret hideouts

i will begin

here we are able to see none other than Vladimir Putin,( who's particular title I cannot remember cause medvedeve was prime ministir and putin was the president and the pm could only serve like two terms or whatever it is, and the president was kind of a background role with putin using medvededved and he techinically could've been there forever but he basically made himself pm again and made it like an endless role

to be honest i don't really know that much cause this is going of an AP Comp Govt class in tenth grade that I got a 3 on it, so i really wasn't that well versed about the details and i just kind of knew the basics and made up the rest which really didn't work too well cause i had a three instead of a five but what can you do) descending into his underwater secret base supposedly this picture was taken as his underwater secret sub went into the black sea to get into an underwater secret tunnel that leads him to his underwater super secret tunnel that leads him into a secret base

what non-fictional super villains are you aware of, and also of their secret base?
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