Ok, wanting to replace a push /pull pot with just a b500k pot, but the pick up I'm using has seven wires. Not sure how to wire the pick up once I replace the pot.
remember that the pickup only works properly if the resistance is 25k for the active. This is how you would go about doing so without the option to split coils. I found this on google. 25k push pulls are all over ebay and not too expensive. But go with a name brand one. My friends schecter keith merrow 7 string the push pull already broke on him and he hardly had the guitar for 2-4 months of heavy use. Dimarzio which were made in collaboration with CTS I heard or Alpha for push pulls I had many recommend.

now.. you can have the coiltap happen on the push pull as long as the grounding happens on the 25k pot as actives are not meant to be used with 500k pots. The pickup won't say explode or the amp won't catch fire ...but.. without going super technical 25k is what you want. 100k maximum for an active as blackouts originally had 100k.

passives pot resistance is subjective. I already covered it though in another post I'm sure though. If not I have a bunch of blogs sharing knowledge about parts and electronics. What is cool is the 89 without the split is an 85. As some know the 85 is in fact hotter than the 81.

courtesy of the marshall forum here's the source link and an image

I hate the EMG 60 with a passion and got to try out the totally uncommon 3 pickups people think that EMG only makes active (81,85,60) and hated the 60. It was too jangly like a single coil, but this is an 85 in the bridge. More louder and well rounded than the 81, but I like blackouts more.

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