When I download the tab , ultimate guitar said "error during loading tab. check connection please system error. Unknow Error . "
So wtf I prefer to do?
I am having the same issue. what was the resolution? there is nothing in the knowledgebase regarding the issue.
Same Problems here, can't open any tabs since a few days on all my browsers.... iPad app works fine, browsers dont......

Error Message (Chrome):
Error during loading tab. CHeck connection please
system error: you are offline!! (No I'm not but i apprechiate your concerns)
Please check your network

Is there a solution available? ISP Problem?

I updated the flash player and deleted my browser data...... still can't open any tab.

Edit 2:
After making myself a tea everything works fine again...... forget about technical solutions..... tea is the key!

Edit 3:
And now the same problem is back again.... wtf guys?? i'm running out of tea.... please get this fixed soon!
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