Sorry if this isn't the right section for this, but I figured that fellow songwriters would be the most knowledgeable about this.

Okay, so I have about 20 songs recorded, 5 of which I'm looking to publicize as soon as possible. I need to find a drummer, and would like to have my songs available to the public so that I could find someone who would be interested. The problem is, all the information I've heard or read about on the internet is very contradictory. I called the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and the guy told me that the only reason I would need to register my music would be to collect statutory damages in a court case. He said that otherwise, I don't have to worry about people plagiarizing my work because it's copyrighted upon creation. This sounds great, considering I wouldn't care about collecting any money from anyone in the hypothetical situation involving them stealing my material, I'd just want to tell them, "Hey, that's mine, so you can't touch it", and be done with it. But how can I possibly prove it's my music just because I burnt it to a CD? I've read that the "Poor Man's Copyright" is useless, so why would a CD that isn't in an envelope be any better? And even if I do decide to register my work, I can only register the title and lyrics and whatnot. That's practically useless as well, from what I understand.

I have multiple videos from years back of me playing and singing these songs, and I've recently emailed the final versions of them to myself, so would this suffice? I'm not trying to say that they're amazing or anything, and maybe the rest of the world would think they're utter garbage, but I still value them and fear losing them/having the work I put into them be a waste. I also came across the Canadian Song Vault, but then it says on there that the date of creation/date of registration isn't even recorded. So does this mean that the only way I can really guarantee that a plagiarist wouldn't get away with taking my work registering it through the CIPO, and paying to have them stored in the Song Vault? It's a little frustrating if that's the case, because then I'll be paying at least $1000 to have them copyrighted (if worse comes to worst, I'll do it).

Any helpful information on the matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.