If anyone is hungry right now, Trycaviar.com is giving out $20 in store credit to people who sign up.

Click this and make an account; https://bnc.lt/l/7KfA8x-2ER

Pick some restaurant you want to get food from, and make an order total just below $20.

Under your order total in checkout use this code, use ctrl+f to find the "promo code" button.
Use the code: CAVIARDC5

Your order should be around $2, and you can tip the delivery driver whatever. I tipped $3, so for $5 I got a gyro and shawarma delivered straight to my house.

If you like the food and want the same deal though, you'll need to use a new account with a different email.
fuk your caviar i'd just get some way doper food uber'd right to me
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