What are some of the better (not absolute best) pedal boxes on the market. I had bought a couple Boss boxes but quickly found out the quality leaves a lot to be desired though they are affordable. What would be a step or two up in quality but still not cost more than a good amplifier.
The Boss HM-2 is objectively the best pedal ever made.
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If you could be a little less vague maybe?
Price limit?
Type of pedal (Distortion, OD, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Vibe, EQ, Wah, Chorus, etc.).

Boss pedals are built like tanks and will likely outlive you.
Internally, not the best, but there are worse pedals out there for twice the price.

Look at Truetone (Formerly Visual Sound).
Dude what sort of amp are you plugging in to?
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Try again with some more information. Threads this vague just turn into pointless non-discussions.