I've been doing home recording since I quit playing in bands full time about 15 years ago. I played a bunch of bands since then but not as a sole means of support. I used recording as a surrogate band.
At first I thought you just had to know how to play and record what you play. So briefly and very fundamentally although I was proud of the performances on my recordings they sounded, the recording quality was atrocious. Mainly digital distortion was the problem .
In the year 2014 I made some pretty good sounding recordings. They disappeared from my computer. No problem I will just find the original CDs. I started looking for them early this summer. I found a few but I could not find Elenor Rigby or autumn leaves, two the best sounding recordings in my opinion I've ever made.
I gave up after looking through countless CDs from recordings made through the eons. I think it was like sometime in July or so that I gave up. I went back to recording my Christmas album which is done now.

Then I saw a Tupperware container over by the CD player. I did not know if I had checked those CDs yet. The second to the last CD had Elenor Rigby on it. The very last CD had autumn leaves. The quest is over.

Why did 2014 disappear from my computer?. Why did I not find those songs until the last two CDs I checked. I checked so many CDs I don't know how many I did. I threw away a lot of them. You have to be cold. Yeah ,playing on that was great, I put a lot of work in the that. It is unlistenable because it's so distorted so just throw it away.

I followed the instructions on my multi track recorder and my CD recorder. They lied. When you follow the instructions for setting levels it is far too hot, not just a little bit too hot, but way too hot. I learned this after recording a few songs but I still didn't realize that I was still recording a little bit too hot even when I was setting the levels way below what the instructions said.

I've learned a trick on how to make recordings without any digital distortion at all and then make them really loud . It works like normalization on audacity but it is not. I don't know maybe it's the same thing but they call it by different name. It makes the recording twice as loud without compromising the sound whatsoever at all.

I'm all through talking now bye
Good-bye-ee! good-bye-ee!
Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee.
Tho' it's hard to part I know,
I'll be tickled to death to go.
Don't cry-ee! don't sigh-ee!
There's a silver lining in the sky-ee.
Bonsoir old thing, cheerio! chin chin!
Nah-poo! Toodle-oo!