I'm trying to re-string my secondary guitar since my first one is in the shop. It's a Fender Strat with Floyd Rose Bridge (I know... I got it a long time ago). I got the string hooked in down at the bridge but when I went to put it through the binding posts they are nothing like I've seen before. They don't have holes through the tuning post, it has a hole on top that it looks like the string feeds down into. But I can't figure out how to wind the string around it. Any tips or tutorial you could point me towards?
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Are you able to take a picture?

I'm imagining that these have a hole in center, and above the hole, is a valley or crevice(looks like a flathead screw in a way).

I've never used these vintage style tuners before but from what I understand, you have to pull the string tight and have to pre cut to what length you think will be sufficient to wrap enough. You then stick the string in the hole and bend it over and start winding.
That's exactly what they look like. Slowly seem to be getting it done. But I'm only half way through. I found some videos online. They make it look easier than I'm finding it to be.
If you are having a hard time with the slack measure your old strings against your new strings if you were happy with the length of them before.
Thanks all. I got it now. I guess I didn't now what that style of tuner was called.
i hate those ****ing things. i have them in a RI strat, and i probably swear a hundred times by the time i am done restringing the damn thing.
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Cut the string about two tuner spacing longer than the string you are stringing. Go a little longer on thin strings. Use a cocktail stick to hold the string in the hole before tightening. Fiddly at first but it gets easier.