Disturbance and Hostility

I tried my hand in doing something harder sounding. Let me know what you think and where I can step up my game.

Also, I'm terrible at lead guitar, but I'm trying, hah, so my solo sounds like craaaaaaap. Everything else I think turned out pretty good, though!

And of course, Crit 4 Crit.
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If star wars had a Heavy Metal band (no not "Vader" lol), then you would be it. You sound like a anrgy mother****ing Yoda.

I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
Hey man, thanks for listening to my track.

Now your track: This sounds like it's from a professional band. The vocals are killer, really powerful and fitting with what the other instruments are doing. Nice solo work at 2:31 also, works well with the chords in the background. Yeh man it's a very full-on sounding track, I like it. It's all mixed well as well, can't hear anything to tweak - the song sounds good as it is. I like the big sounding snare

Was it you that done 'Swallow The Pills'? I listened to that track as well.

Good work man, play on.
Hey and thanks for your comment!
Very heavy and powerful song i like it! You're not terrible at lead guitar, i guess if you had used a bit more phrasing (slides, vibrato and so on) the solo would have been a bit more "alive" if that's the right word.
Really good job!
Yo dude,

The mix I think needs a bit of work, in particular the vocals, they are a tad quiet.

Also with your drums, if you can mix the individual drums differently, your kick needs a bit more punch. A good way to do it is have two kicks with different frequencies cut and then have them at the appropriate volumes. Otherwise, put in some more top/mid into your kick. The song is ****ing brutal haha. Also I really like your choice of song length

The solo could do with vibrato, but you already said youre not the best player so allgood.

Overall, good track, main crit comes from the production side. Maybe more reverb on tracks too, itll make the mix sound more full.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1686510
I like the vocals! Overall guitar sound is pretty solid.

I think the kick is pushing the mix a bit too much (too much compression?). Could be personal taste.

Other than that, great job!