My new Ibanez SA160FM has become my main guitar! I have guitars costing 4 and 5 times as much but I just love this Ibanez! It plays so good and feels so good in my hands that I have played it on every gig since getting it. I put a set of Gotoh tuning machines on it and that's it. Am I crazy or what!?
I don't think you're crazy, I have a cheap Dean MLX which is awesome.Sounds great, plays great, tuning stability and fit and finish could be better but for sound and playability it's perfect.I don't think they're all like that but I guess this one is a good piece of wood.
you aren't crazy, sometimes guitars just do it for people and they don't cost that much.
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Thanks for your support guys. I had a Korean DeanZ and it was a fantastic guitar! It's amazing what you can get for the money now days.