I cant seem to find any good threads on this topic so i thought id try starting my own

I recently purchased a series 1 rectoverb combo and i thought i wouldnt have to buy another amp. But im finding the tones im getting not to my liking. Ive read the manual, checked forums, changed tubes, but still nothing. Im wondering if im missing something or if mesas are just not for me. Which brings me to the JSX. I have yet to try one of these but from the sound clips it sounds like a beast. I need an amp with great cleans and great distortion. I know thats alot to ask for but i really need an amp that can match the styles i play. The styles range from Parliament Funkadelic to Slipknot. Am i not dialing the recto right or is it just not the amp for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Have you tried using a clean boost? Put a TS9 in front and dial down the gain. Make sure to leave some mids. That should do it.