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I haven't played guitar for over 7 years but want to get back into it. I just picked up and acoustic guitar and will be getting an electric later on in the year.

When I first started playing what helped me a lot was a program called 'powertab'. I learn better when I read music but also hear it being played and can follow it.
From the looks of things powertab is no longer used or supported. What guitar tab software is the most used and popular today?

Also what would you recommend I do to try getting back into guitar? Any exercise's or books that you recommend?

What are some good acoustic songs I should learn to help me get back into playing guitar again?
I grew up playing bass clef and it's ingrained in my mind, so tab is world's better. Actually, check this out;

It's got tab for my favorite licks and the dummy proof clef legend. I suppose more aesthetic than functional, tho.

Anyway, on android the best pure tab app is "Guitar Tab Player", white icon. Free and fast. Then UG's offering is efficient and effective. It's a pay app, however. But, if app costs are not a concern, Yousician is the best mobile app ever made, it has a good mine in its pay version, and you can learn guitar techs and proove yourself in its free version.

Hey, welcome back.
Tuxguitar is free and widely used, it's worth a look and can open powertab files. Guitar Pro 5 is the standard today though, but it's not a free program. Most tabs you can find here on this site are in GP5 format. But you can open those files with tuxguitar as well. However, GPX files cannot be opened with anything else than Guitar Pro 6, but I've heard that GP5 is a lot better.

And to get back into the game, just start learning a bunch of songs, and if you run into parts that you can't play, look up some exercises in techniques that give you trouble. It's a good start, after you've gotten up to speed again you could start ear training, and if you want to write your own music you can't start too early. Even if you write a bad song, at least you're expressing yourself.

Just relax and be patient and have fun, play the kind of music you like, and you'll start getting better.
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Tuxguitar is a great free utility. It has a loop facility so you can repeat a section you're learning and also vary the speed. It supports all popular tab formats (power tab, gp), and has its own native format. In the native format you can add chord diagrams and then print out. Also has a keyboard diagram if you don't where notes are, and has tab and staff displays. Try it, what have you got to lose?
Thanks guys I will check those apps and software out later on.

So im guessing the best place to download tabs is from this website? Unless I am doing something wrong I notice most of the tabs on this website are guitar pro and some other format called Tab Pro.

Im guessing powertab is not so popular these days and people no longer create tabs on powertab?

Also is tab pro worth checking out and buying?
^ tuxguitar will play old powertab files and also guitarpro files (not tab pro I don't think).

you might as well try it because it's free. guitarpro files do seem to offer a fair bit over power tab (often the bass etc. is tabbed as well in guitarpro files)- you can try both on tuxguitar and see what you think.

i can only speak for myself but tuxguitar gives me enough that I don't feel the need to pay for anything "better".

UG has a pretty decent range of tabs, yeah. I dunno if there's anywhere better- there may well be, but I'm not aware of it. I've heard that UG actually pays the artists for the tabs (not sure if true or not), so there's that as well.
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