Hi guys, firstly I hope this in in the right sub forum. Fingers crossed.

I started playing guitar a few weeks ago when a mate of mine decided to sell his old Epi LP to me. Learning to play has always been something I've wanted to do, and I'm very excited to get started.

Now, i love to self teach myself stuff, I find it's the best way for me to learn. In saying that, i don't really know where to begin. So far I have just picked a few rock songs that i know well, since i know how they should sound. Sweet child o mine, back in black and house of the rising sun to name a few. I am slowly getting the hang of things, i just feel like If i don't try and learn some proper technique, and just learn songs here and there, that it will end up being counter productive in the long run. (I also run into the problem that i can't play past the intro with most of these as I haven't learned any techniques).

What I'm sort of hoping, is if you guys can point in the direction of a series that teaches from the ground up, or possibly just suggest some interesting, but basic songs. I have tried a few but most seem very advanced, or to help an already above beginner player, if that makes sense.

Thanks for reading
Start simple, and don't over think it. Tons of info on youtube, apps, etc. But in the end nothing beats a solid good teacher.

Also, and I am guilty of this too, be careful about the song choices to learn. There are songs outside ones ability and in the end will just frustrate the person. Keep that in mind when picking a song.
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Justin Sandercoe's web site has technique videos and songs. There are also song books available with tab and notes. The web site is free but a donation is appreciated.
^ yeah justinguitar is probably the thing
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+1 for justinguitar.com. there's a whole beginners' course!

just never stop playing the stuff you like, always keep it fun & interesting