Hi all

I have a relatively good classic guitar but I am not using it at all. I have it in a hard case from shaped foam.

Are there any rules for storing classic guitars away for a long time? Should I have the Strings tight or loose? Or completely removed? What are bad temperatures for it?

It is made from fir if that matters.


The hard part will be humidity. you need to keep it aroud 40% humidity. room temperature is good. I wouldn't bother about the strings. Just leave them how they are now.
40%~50% RH, stable room temp, 68F~75F, not near cold drafts, nor heat, nor sunlight, case flat on its back, strings on at pitch or down a whole step.

low down in a closet is a good choice. don't put anything on top if it or allow anything to fall on it though.
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It's innards need to be removed and stored in a canopic jar. A slaughtered chicken's blood must must then be dripped on the guitar during the full moon. You must chant "Jimi, Jimi, Jimi" 10 times before the chicken has finished bleeding out (a squirrel can be substituted for Jewish guitars). Don't worry about the finish, when the ritual is complete the blood will be absorbed into the wood and invisible.

For the next step we need a virgin. Do you know any virgins?