So out of sheer boredom I have decided to start to customise my Black Dean ML,

After some scouring on the internet I came across a picture of a dean ML with a pickguard which i thought looked pretty cool.

So I decided to try and find where i can find a pickguard for an ML and i cant seem to find them anywhere. I was wondering if a Gibson explorer '76 pickguard would fit on an ML or if there is anywhere that I can purchase a pickguard for it?

Thanks a lot
perhaps custom made. If so try a local luthier. I could have pickguards made pretty effortlessly in Toronto by a few people even a guitar tech with the right tools

my advice
go 3 ply
you can buy the material on ebay. Enough to do up to 4 of them for 20$ (us dollar)
the material is around 20 colors to choose from. Black pearl to the never before used on a fender strat white pearl ... however I'm loving the fake abalone on this site.

You can also get black tail pieces and knurled knobs off of either depending on how black you want the guitar. But for it to truly be custom try
qparts.com - all kinds of cool ideas. More on the pricy side but why not
guitarheads.net - cheaper but they engrave parts

honestly though I am happy that there are people out there that care more about the looks and tone than looking at a guitar like a retirement plan. The best when I dealt with customers who had pickguards on their fenders is like 'oh my; the holes don't line up on the new pickguard you're selling me" which were cheap ebay ones and they thought their production models would be worth anything more than retail even thinking 20 years down the road for the most common production model of fenders imaginable.