I've made a cover of Yellow by Coldplay. It's my first one. So you guys on Ultimate Guitar sure have some tips for me.
Here's the link to the vid:
Hope my like it!
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TOO much distortion, bro. It sounds really growly compared to Jonny's take on the song. Also, with the acoustics, not so much strumming. The song is not technically that fast, and doesn't seem so mainly because Chris is using just normal and accented downstrokes on the acoustic EXCEPT when transitioning between chords.

Editing note, for the distortion, don't cut off the tail, let the sound fade off or use your volume knob to quickly suck out the gain without cutting it off like a killswitch.

Other than that, it was pretty fantastic. You got the whole thing right. As your first time, covering songs, you now have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Final note, it may be a cover, but if you're doing mainly instrumentals, you can try imitating chris's voice on the guitar or trying other stuff. Have fun, bro!