Guys I need help!

I own two guitars, one electric and one acoustic. I love them both but I've been having a problem; when ever I tune to drop A the high e string snaps. The break happens by the screw(or nut or whatever). This has now happend four times on two different guitars.

So I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong, since its probably a human error. How do I avoid doing this?

Just a thought, not being a wise ass, how about a capo?
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I do sometmes play with capo, but this problem has also happened in DADGBE. also playing with capo feels less authentic
Take it to a guitar tech is where I am at with my advice.
Taylor 314 & GS Mini & Martin LX1
Constantly breaking strings, especially at the same place (like the tuning head) indicates a mechanical problem.
You are not winding the strings correctly on the tuning post, the post has a sharp edge on the hole you put the string through, or something similar.
If you are not familiar with trouble-shooting, take it to a good technician.
4X on 2 different guitars. what are the odds of the same issue with the same string on 2 different guitars? one acoustic and one electric?

i suspect possible human error but need more info to go further.

pix are a good idea.

are you doing some weird wrapping technique on the tuner post?
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Bend the string 90deg where it exits the tuner post (not where you first poke it through). Turn the post enough for the 90deg to get a little "grab".
**Make sure to leave enough slack when putting on the string for 4 to 6 complete winds before the string tightens.** Pull on the string while tightening so the winds are firm. First wind is above the hole, next and rest below the hole or where you get proper alignment angle to the nut. This clamps the string entry and helps lock the string from slippage and bending. Wound too high on the post the string won't sit firmly enough on the nut to transfer full sound. Too low on the post is hard on the string and nut, the string will tend to break at the nut and will generally be harder to fret. The right pressure of the string on the nut has some effect on the quality of sound and playability.