Oh man, now this is BA! I can only wish to play as amazing as this. Everything sounds so professional and perfectly played. I have no gripes or even advice for this, though I would love to hear some vocals set to this!

Check mine out maybe? It's nowhere near as brutal and awesome as this though, haha.
Quote by mangablade
If star wars had a Heavy Metal band (no not "Vader" lol), then you would be it. You sound like a anrgy mother****ing Yoda.

I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
Supremely heavy, meaty metal music, executed by virtuosic guitar playing full of frenetic energy tempered by tasteful phrasing and appropriate tonal and textual changes. In other words, this seriously kicks ass. The accompanied drum programming is outstanding too, totally suitable. All this needs is a bass guitar to thicken and complete this monster sound.
What more can I say. Nothing to fault here really. I hear this with a monster bass sound and an equally monster vocalist. But outstanding guitar talent and ability.
And yes, the tone is fully fat, a most satisfyingly voluptuous feast of sonic smoothness.
For a chirpy change you can C4C here.