I have a few things I'd like to say, but first of all, here's my poem-

And we laughed and sung and hoped for a song of love,
turning our sideways hats and slipping on phones of safety.
We sat there and we stared at each other, or at ourselves,
Contemplating sexuality; wondering if there was a difference,

I worked and I worked and I sucked it in, consuming me,
hoping for that liftoff from airport fifty one o' nine.
Then we flew, we flew together into the nothingness,
whether we or it ever existed we didn't care.
Its always nice to forget the consequences

I have posted this before, so i apologize if that's against the rules - this was over 7 years ago.

A long time ago this forum meant a lot to me. Still, many years later, i reflect on my time here. I was going through my old poems and i found this one, which i admit is quite poor, but it is more significant and applicable to my life now than it probably ever was then. Alright, I admit, I'm lame, I'm posting because of a break up, and I was needing a boost from the things I've saved in my life. Poetry was one of them, and reading this now has helped me deal with where I'm at in my life right now. My point is, even if you think you're not a good writer, write. Not only could you make an impact on someone else's life, but being able to reflect on your feelings, thoughts , and dreams later in life is an incredibly useful thing. It helps you stay grounded, and remain who you are as a person. Keep writing, even if you think you're not getting anywhere. You are. You're facing yourself, the world, and the mystical profoundness of it all. Do yourself a favor and don't discount yourself.

As far as critiques (cause i know you're all crit for crit) link me something that has to do with moving forward in life, and accomplishing something you want to achieve. Or not caring what others think about you and being who you want to be, or doing what you want to do. Or standing rapt in awe. Being you. (I guess this is the essence of poetry, hehe). I'm not really looking for critiques of my poem (though I'd love to have your thoughts ), but I'd love to have you all expand on these ideas and see what you have to offer. I've got plenty of time to tell you what I think if you'd like.

Also I haven't written poetry in years, and like i said this has really helped me. So if you just feeling like offering encouragement to write, I would appreciate that. Everyone needs positive reinforcement from others.

Btw, airport 5109 is just a reference to my childhood address, lifting off from my beginnings. The line wouldn't make any sense to anyone else but me, but that's what's great about poetry, it can be for yourself.

Also BTWW, Shout out to The Hurt Within (I can't believe you ever took the time with me, you were so inspirational and such an amazing writer), Jammydude44 (always positive and creative. you always gave such encouraging reviews even though we had a difference in style. I truly appreciate that) , jiminizzle (i wish we had interacted more, i honestly, personally, enjoyed a lot of your writing. and you were always so kind), and 1 synth (you have some GREAT writing, you should be proud. I enjoyed all your posts and criticism). Oh and also Something_vague, you're a pretentious asshole but god damn i loved your work. (you probably dont remember me though haha, you never liked mine. But you were right, it wasn't great poetry, but it has sure helped me in life to write, and you inspired me as well) . I've enjoyed all your support through my years here and it still means a lot to me. I hope you're all doing well in life, and still writing. I know I've forgot others of which I'd love to hear from. And to anyone that critiqued my poems, thank you. Caramel, you lovable person you, (or any other mods), let me know if i should move this to the free post thread. I don't know if rants like these are allowed

If you're not one of those people that have known or helped me, be that person for someone else! Or for me if you'd like

Stay Positive,
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this is inspiring me to make more time for writing, i've been working too much lately and coming home tired and only putting together scraps for writing, finishing one poem here and another there, but i want to work harder again because of things like you are talking about and some friends who have come back into my life. thank you for that.

i think the thing i like most about your poem up there is the way it feels like every line, there is something just out of reach--for you, maybe it's there (the airport line, for instance) but for a reader, it's always just beyond what i might expect. but it doesn't feel like it's coming from a place that is lost. it feels secure and intentional but i can't quite see it all from where i stand and that feeling makes me vulnerable to the emotions behind the drapes, even if i can't see who exactly they come from. it's a nice read that way.
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