Not really a problem but i just noticed something.. I play acoustic guitar last couple years..I dont play scales an pick,I am mostly a pure strummer. A couple songs i can do have varied strum patterns but most songs i play have the same strum pattern. Lodi, Pancho an left, Sam cookes Wonderful world, Still the same (Bob seger) i use the DDUUDU Strum pattern.I works for me but now im getting hung up on me using the same pattern. Is there anything wrong with this ? Tips,advice ,opinions an encouragement welcomed.Thanks
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trying to shoehorn every song into the same strum pattern seems pretty limiting to me. sounds like breaking the habit os the way to go here. find some songs with varied strum patterns to learn. this will force you to do some different things. you don't want to get to comfortable on guitar as that lends itself to lazy habits.
You can just try playing around. One song doesn't need to have that exact strumming pattern. I like too fool around with them. Try some reggae rhytms as well.
try typing in youtube and see what comes up

i mean dont type your whole post just something like "different strumming patterns" or wtvr
Think about the dynamic patterns of the original versions, and try to capture them with your own strumming. Patterns in strumming can be determined by how loudly and softly you play certain beats, as well as which beats you strum on and the ones you don't.
practice drum rudiments, paradiddle, down down up down, triplet- down up down. That was my first idea as a drummer who start playing acoustic
I agree, deliberately set out to try something different. How about trying "Wonderwall" by Oasis. That strum pattern is hard to get, but once you have, it should break your habit!
Go YOUTUBE and look at how to play certain songs using the acoustic. They will teach you on the rhythm. Certain songs as in eg. Greenday- 21 guns etc Idk, there should be a lot more to explore.
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Nothing wrong with it. Learn new songs that you enjoy listening too.

Suggestions: Green day, Oasis, The Animals, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The offspring, Foo fighters and much more.
Do you use a pick? Or do you use your fingers? My 2 cents - why use a piece of plastic when you're naturally equipped with 4 picks? (Those are called your fingers )