I want to change the transformer in a Digitech Vocalist II for 230V, so I don't have to lug a step down transformer around.
Does anyone have an idea of what the specs are for the transformer - AC/DC, primary/secondary voltage?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It should say on the case of the existing transformer.

Sometimes the transformers are already dual voltage--if so, it will say 110 - 220 VAC (or 230 or 240...you get the idea and 10% difference won't hurt)

Lots of Digitech devices are AC, which can be very hard to find replacements for. When I lost the wall-wart for my GNX4 the easiest and cheapest replacement to get was the actual Digitech model--aftermarket cost more and was very hard to find.

Is it a 2-prong plug? You can get some really small transformers. I'm using one of these to power my little VOX amp: http://www.amazon.com/Seven-Star-F200-Travel-Converter/dp/B0045RU68U/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1441901653&sr=8-7&keywords=240+to+110+transformer
Thanks for the reply SpeedSterHR.
The transformer I'm talking about here is the one inside the unit - it doesn't use a wall wart power supply, rather a IEC cable. The unit is a US version hence the step down I currently use.
I guess I'll open it up again and do measurements on the outputs, though I am hesitant to do this under load. At least I'll ascertain whether the PCB uses AC or DC.
The transformer has 5 wires - Yellow, Red, Orange, Red, Yellow - which leads me to believe it's similar to a Computer 5V & 12V.
Well, don't electrocute yourself. Sounds like a fun project if you don't mind the risk of blowing your device. Yeah, with the IEC, you won't want to use the converter I linked since it plugs into shaver outlets and won't ground in a Schuko outlet. All the converters that have true grounding will cost at least 3 times that and be a lot bigger.

Digitech is a pretty cool company to work with--If you call them up they might let you ship it to them and convert it for you in their shop for a nominal fee... Or maybe even tell you what you need to know to DIY.
Sent Digitech an email as suggested and got sent the schematics of the transformer within hours. Turns out the transformer has 4 Primary coils and all I have to do is move live to the 230V coil. Never occurred to me that Digitech would still support this (21 yr old retro) item as it was IVL then and not Harman. Much obliged for responses and suggestion.
Any others out there with the same issue, this transformer is used in plenty of Digitech gear.