I can alternate pick fast and comfortably and have been able to do this for a long time. I can rudimentary tap along with most of the other techniques. My pinchs are meh though but I am looking to learn how to 'sweep' or 'economy pick'

Instead of not ever trying it and saying it's too hard I want to consistently do little 10 minutes sessions with it

I can sweep a D chord easily.
I can sweep 1234 up and down easily. Finger per fret and then up and down.
I can't sweep with my index finger using the rolling technique I don't have that down and it hurts my wrist.

On a three note sweep is the last note always a hammer on because if it isn't I am confused?

Should I tremmolo pick or sweep first. I tremmolo pick but going up and down rapidly using just the edge of my pick to get the string but tis is 'slower' than most tremmolo pick and alto of people seem to have the stiff arm thing going which I try but moving my whole arm takes more time and makes the notes come out slower.

What kind of comes next?

I am wanting to practice this riff but how do I sweep 13-12-13 I can alternate pick it but it's never gonna be the speed needed...I see people on youtube economy picking it? So I half sweep and the sweeped notes way faster than the alt picked ones where do I start basically?


Pretty sure Kirk hammerons for the notes on the e and alternate picks the 3 notes on the B. When I learned this solo I tried a few different things. I tried all hammerons and pull-offs, all alternating and then Kirks way, but ultimately it felt best for me doing it the way Kirk does.
Anything involving speed requires relaxation (arms, hands, shoulders, neck, jaw, breathing) and economy of motion.

Many folk (me included) sweep by moving forearm to cross strings, rather than reaching out with pick. Biggest problem I had was my fretting hand's forearm sticking slightly to the guitar body, throwing my timing, which I cured by pulling my sleeve right down ... then my forearm moved freely, and timing was accurate.

You should be able to sweep all strings involved (practising), even if for the final thing you want to hammer the top or bottom note.

But once on a string, the picking then comes from minimal movement of the wrist (or just fingers ifyou can control that).

Forearm to cross strings, wrist while on a string (and picking).