I have something in mind that I'd like to know if it is possible to do with a Line Selector/Signal Chain Router pedal, like BOSS LS-2 .

My pedal board have pedals going to front of the amp (Chain 1) and pedals going to FX Loop (Chain 2). I want to be able to switch/route a pedal from the Chain 2 to the Chain 1.

This is how I connect my pedals:

Chain 1 - Front: Guitar > Buffer > Tuner > Wah-Wah > Chorus 1 > Phaser > Front

Chain 2 - FX Loop: Send > Booster > Chorus 2 > Delay > Loop Station > Return

I have two chorus pedals because in my amp (Mesa Mark V) I can set the Ch1 to have the FX Loop always ON and ch2 and ch3 to have the FX Loop switchable at footswitch. I set like that because I use effects like Chorus and Phaser mostly on Ch1, but, these effects will distort/clip the signal if I use them in FX Loop. Even adjusting the FX Loop send level knob at the back, depending on the guitar I use, I can't completely make the clipping go away.

So for example, If I'm playing with my Stratocaster with single coils, the signal gets too much clipping when I use Chorus at the FX Loop, that's why I use "Chorus 1" on front. With this guitar I normally use the effects ON on all amp channels.

If I'm using my ESP with EMG's, I use Chorus 2 at FX Loop because I don't get clipping with this guitar, and besides that I wan't to use Chorus only at Ch1, without the need to turn Chorus OFF when I switch to ch2 or ch3.

I don't want to keep using two chorus pedals because one model is much much better than the other. I want to keep only one chorus pedal and switch phaser and chorus between chains 1 and 2.

So, what I need to know is if the BOSS LS-2 or any other router pedal will allow me to do the following:

Configuration 1:

Chain 1 - Front: Guitar > Buffer > Tuner > Wah-Wah > Chorus > Phaser > Front

Chain 2 - FX Loop: Send > Booster > Delay > Loop Station > Return

Configuration 2:

Chain 1 - Front: Guitar > Buffer > Tuner > Wah-Wah > Front

Chain 2 - FX Loop: Send > Booster > Chorus > Phaser > Delay > Loop Station > Return

Sorry for the very long post!
I have made a simple drawing to show what I'm looking for.

It's like an effects order switcher pedal. I need to connect the Chorus and Phaser in the IN/OUT, the Guitar to Amp in Line B and FX Loop in Line A. All this to switch the Chorus and Phaser between the Front pedal chain and FX Loop pedal chain.

The most important part is that when I hit the switch to connect IN/OUT in series with Line A, the Line B Send/Return must still be ON and vice-versa.

Look at the yellow line and purple line inside the pedal drawing.

Does anyone know what type of switches goes into this circuit? Maybe a 3PDT and a second switch to connect the line A or B Send/Return?