Good afternoon guitar wises.I'm gonna start with the electric guitar,but the problem is,I live in Bolivia,Southamerica and here any music instrument is very expensive(A Bullet squier is around 200$)so I'm traveling to USA next year and I'm gonna buy my gear there.The matter is,I will have to get a small and portable amp to carry it trough the airport,the plane,etc.So,what would you recommend me?I play mostly metal,but I also like blues.It has to be small and no more than 150-160 $.It could be an used one too.
roland microcube?
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Are cabs a bit more readily available? Or can you build your own? A lil 5w Randall Diavlo, used, might be exactly what you're looking for. Its a lil over budget but the Yamaha THR might be a good choice. Also, check out those lil ZT Club amps.
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