My speech recognition software stopped working . Now it's working in this is a test as long as I'm here all read a poem.
in a factory I toiled day after day
tedious boring dangerous I thought it was the way
they told me to work that work was good
they said it built character I suppose they were right
plastic injection molding machine
tons of steel heated searing hot
little plastic resin cookies you dropped in the slot
on a hot summer's day you sweated profusely
as the room was really hot most usually
the big spray paint machine
painted fake brick fiberglass paneling
I worked that one too
I had a seizure and fell into the paint machine
head anointed with gray paint
50 gallon bucket of acetone
pressure cleaning the paint machine that works end
walking around in a cloud, a mist of acetone.
Those were the days
walking 20 miles a day fetching carts at Walmart
cleaning puddles of vomit both large and small
and human wastes smeared all over the walls and stalls
P on the floor all the time
swiping **** hairs
cleaning under the shelves
once I found a prosthetic breast
a lady had been over by the tour section and it fell down under their
I took it to lost and found
though tempted to keep it
I like the real thing
the real
the real deal
real breasts man
like hot lava
like the primrose acetone
yes, acetone
biting stinging making
giving belonging
I worked in the *******
I worked in a graveyard
so I decided to not do that anymore
and play my guitar
We have to put our lives on hold while your loud vehicle goes by but I'm glad you found something that makes you happy you stupid bucking bastard you.

Quote by MakinLattes
I hate P on the floor

Better than P on the ceiling...
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin