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New user to UltimateGuitar, but I have used tabs from here for years. I really need some advice on what to do with my band. I am a senior in college and have been a part of this band for a year now. We used t be really good at practicing once a week but this summer we had internships in different parts of the country and couldn't practice. Over the last few weeks we have been back in town together and have only had one practice. We have had many other scheduled but the other members have backed out of them at the last minute to do other things which I don't partake in. Last year I had a discussion with them about how its not productive to mix those and our music. It seems that they don't really care anymore. On top of that I have written a few tracks which I really want to work on but they don't seem into writing music anymore.

A few issues that came up at the end of last year for me as well is that our singer has a bit of an attitude issue and our rhythm guitarist has, well no rhythm and hasn't worked to improve it. Before this band I was all about acoustic guitar and chords but have worked hard to improve my lead guitar.

I guess my problem with what is happening is that they don't seem to be working as hard to improve and practice. My ultimate goal is to work on music like Owen (Mike Kinsella) so this band is really just a good tool to improve my skills but I would like to see a bit more effort. How should I talk about this with them or should I even?

Thanks for reading!
Sounds like you need to move on and find other people with the same drive as you to become better.
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Book some gigs. No gigs = no interest, and everything else will attract them.

"My ultimate goal is to work on music like Owen (Mike Kinsella) so this band is really just a good tool to improve my skills"

They probably sense this and nobody wants to be your "tool". Get very real for a moment and put yourself in their shoes. What is in it for them?
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