Would anyone mind giving this track a listen? I recorded it on my Jackson Soloist SLATFXQMG3-8 through my Pod HD Pro X to the original song because it was too much effort to tab out drums and bass, to export as MIDI, then put them through Kontakt and... Well yeah...

I'll do a C4C if that's your thing!
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Jesus that tone is nasty. that low string is vicious, it sounds awesome. interesting cover lol, i like the idea and it's actually pretty good...stuff like this is hard to pull off and easy to **** up (see: limp bizkit) but you can pull it off. well done i say lol, 2:23 or so is greasier than a big mac

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33590477#post33590477
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My 8 string was tuned half a step down anyway, so I thought I'd shift the track down too to avoid copyright and all aha. So I just went to Eb, nothing too serious All though, I did go down to B once to see what that was like...
All my hobbies are expensive, pls $$donate to my cause$$