Hi All

I have got this amp recently, and then almost immediately loaned it out to a friend haha, anyway got it back now and I'm really sitting down to figure it out as its quite complicated.

I have been having issues in getting these three tones/settings:

1. A punchy metal sound, good for rhythm playing mostly with a decent soloing sound.

Whatever I have tried thus far is too grainy you could say, its not tight and punchy. Especially playing a riff that is made up of single note licks (instead of powerchords etc). The distortion is overbearing and fuzzy, but when I dial it back I lose the breakup.

2. A silky smooth sustainy solo sound.

Ideally I'd love a setting that gives me a santana/joe satriani sound, you know silky smooth leads, the high notes sound full and not twangy.

3. A slightly gritty blues sound.

Not a clean, not a distortion, a Stevie Ray Vaughan sound, on my old TSL100 I used to get this by using the clean channel on full gain. It breaks up slightly with chords etc, but not so much with single notes.

I haven't figured out to get the above yet with the amp haha.

I play predominately on these two guitars:

ESP LTD M200FM - With EMG 81's
Customs RRV (through neck maple/swamp ash body)- With PAF Joe (next) and D Activator (bridge) both with push/pull and an EMG Afterburner.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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ESP LTD: M50 - With EMG HZ's
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I like the 6505 model on those amps. I used to alternate between that and the Dual Rec for which one I liked more. I didn't really feel the Dual Rec sounded much like a real one, but it sounded more like an angry Marshall, which was sweet.

The 6505 with the gain around 12-1 o'clock is where I put it. Put your dials all at 12 o clock and adjust to taste. These models have a lot of gain and can easily be too harsh, noisey, and muddy if there's too much preamp gain.

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I have this amp and a guitar with SD Blackouts. The trick is to dial down your guitars volume. I usually start around halfway. Set your post gain around 9 o clock and fiddle back and forth between them to get your desired sound. Also if you bought it used, consider changing out your PI tube (pre).
Try the red Triple XXX model, with the gain between 1 and 2 o'clock'. I've found the Triple XXX model has a little less gain and is clearer, more punchy to my ears. It can be a little bright but more "springy" bright than "scratchy" bright.

For a Satch sound, try the Satch Amp, the red JSX, adjust gain to taste. Again, between 1 and 2 o'clock is ok to my ears, but it might be different for you. It can be a little middy but it doesn't sound honky.

Try the green B-Kat or Classic models. Either with gain full or backed off with a boost stompbox.

The Vypyr can be a little fuzzy... There is a little trick to take out the fuzz but it can be a double edged sword. You can use the Pitch Shifter effect and adjust both parameters to 12 o'clock. It beefs up the tone but the downside is you can't use the onboard effects and any pedals placed in front of the amp will also be 'beefed up'.
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