How do I wire my bridge pickup? This what I have so far, and it isn't working.


The white and black wires are together in the insulating tape, the dark green wire is coming from the pickup selector and has a white wire going into the middle lug and a bare wire soldered onto the pot. Thanks

Also, the pups are dimarzios
And here is what your wires mean for your pickups:

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North start (red with Dimarzio) should on the left peg
South start (green with Dimarzio) should be on the back of the pot
North and south finish (black and white with Dimarzio) should be soldered together

So looking at that, all should be working. Has this ever worked before? How is the jack wired? Maybe you can redo the soldering, the one on the back of the pot looks messy.
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Thanks guys, I got it. In fact, I had wired it all correctly but my ground on my tone pot had become un-done without me realising (dry connections). Thanks everyone