iPhone/iPad owners: my guitar tab sequencer Jam Maestro (promo codes + massive sale)

Hey guys,

Just released an update for my iOS based guitar tab sequencer, Jam Maestro, and decided to hand out a bunch of promo codes as I never use them anyway.

Basically, the app allows you to write songs in guitar tab form and it plays it back to you using real samples so you can hear how it sounds. Has drums, bass and midi support too. Its much like Guitar Pro except much easier to use and with much more realistic samples.

http://codehookup.com/c3146cc9 10 codes here.

I have also put the app on sale for a limited time at only $1 (thats 90% off), the first time since its release 2 years ago. You guys really are the target audience the app was really designed for so if you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod I encourage you to take a look its a very powerful app and is unlikely to be this cheap ever again!!

More details here:

video of it in action here: How to make a metal song in 5 minutes
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lol you think giving away a free tab editor on a tab site would be easy wouldn't you!
Please continue. I don't know enough about the product yet. Does its browser have tabs, too? Can you get porn on it? Can you write music for real instruments like laptops on the program? Thanks David, looking forward to hearing from you. Ciao.
dude, what? Porn?

Just think Guitar Pro for iPad and iPhone... except better in a number of ways.

Just check out the video or the website if you're confused? I really don't care if you use the codes or not Just thought you guys would be interested.
I grabbed a code and checked it out. It's much appreciated and I am glad you brought it to my attention, Mr. Blake. Was sorely disappointed at the lack of access to pornographic materials via use of your otherwise fine program, however, and will likely not use it for that reason. Alas, why bother? Kindest regards.