Last week while perusing a guitar site blasting Gibson I read the following line "Taylor electrics are PUTRID". PUTRID is a pretty harsh term!

Have any of you guys played a Taylor electric? How was it? What things did you like/dislike about it?
I've played several. They're very good. Fit and finish are above reproach. There are custom-built Taylors out there that are pretty mind-blowing. But Taylor is only getting its toe damp in the electric market (well, in the *solid* body market anyway). They knew from the get go that the first group of guitars wasn't going to change the world. But Taylor gathers data, and while the *next* iteration of guitars still might not light up the firmament, you can pretty much put money down on a third generation. That company pays attention and *learns.*

PUTRID is a harsh term and in true internet fashion, probably advanced by someone barely over 15 who's never actually touched one.
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Thanks Doc. I had a pretty tough time reading that...I'm a new and very proud owner of a BigBaby. LOVE IT. The build/fit/finish of all the Taylor acoustics was impeccable, which is why I was so shocked to see the guy blasting Taylor (and Collings, btw). From what I know about Taylor (now) I'd expect near perfection in everything they do.
Of all the big name factory guitars, I like Taylors the best for methods of construction and overall design. I've looked at their electrics, but never plugged one in. As dspellman notes, fit and finish are immaculate. However, one particular semihollow (or thin body hollow, not sure) that my mate had in for many months sounded truly awful acoustically, so it is as well to be a bit discriminating when choosing.

Maybe the critic didn't like bolt-on necks. - I do, so Collings and Bourgeois are high on my "good" list, and would be the first place I would look for a boutique guitar. EDIT I'm talking about acoustics here.
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I've been very impressed by the Taylor electrics I've played. I think 4 or 5 at this point (though none of the solidbodies - all T5 type semi/hybrid models). Well made, some pleasant departures from the standard menu of parts and specs, good sound, no complaints. I see them going for rather good prices fairly often, too. I'd probably have one already if the finishes were more to my taste.

I don't know why anybody even bothers with written reviews of guitars at this point. They're usually about as informative and level-headed as the average youtube comment, or alternatively indistinguishable from the company's own ad copy. Everyone's got an agenda and everyone's mad at people who disagree with them. Not worth the time, IMO, especially if you're able to put your own mitts on one.
^^^And then there's herd mentality and wikiwisdom. The only strong test is your own ears and eyes. - And there you spend 10s of thousands of dollars to develop the experience and confidence to go out and buy a $100 guitar. At least that is how it has been for me.
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We carry Taylors at the store I used to work in, but the electrics were never huge sellers, despite selling tons of the acoustics. I think it's just because they're as expensive as US made Fenders, and people aren't super open minded. The half a dozen or so I've had some serious playing time with all felt and sounded as good or better than any other high end US made instrument I've played.
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Wow....glad to hear Taylor electrics are good. Good point on opinions Roc8995.
I've only played one once, but it was really comfy. The sound wasn't mind blowing, but that's probably down to preference not deficieny.
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